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About Us

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GETBOOKED757 was created in 2018 to fill a huge void in the booking services industry for Hampton Roads and the rest of the Southeastern Virginia 757 area code.

The Live Music industry including Bands and Singers and other Entertainers is a huge part of the 757 area code and there are very few booking agents to handle the load in an efficient and trustworthy manner.  GETBOOKED757 fills that need and will allow any Event Organizer to either “Claim” or “Use” any Venue and then post those Venue Events online for local Performers to place Offers on.

GETBOOKED757 specifically concentrated on the 757 area code regions of

  • Virginia Beach,
  • Norfolk,
  • Chesapeake,
  • Portsmouth,
  • Hampton,
  • Newport News,
  • Williamsburg,
  • and others…

because we were well aware that most local Venues were very familiar with the local Entertainers and the local Entertainers were also very familiar with the local Venues.  Venues are able to select exactly the Entertainers that they are looking for immediately without having to sift through a national online directory of Entertainers like some of the “big entertainment sites”.  Likewise, Entertainers that have an affinity for playing at a particular Venue location or region can search for Entertainment Events that have been posted specifically for that region or that specific Venue.

Event Organizers and Entertainers can create an account absolutely FREE and be able to start linking together! The commission rates are the lowest in the industry which will save everyone’s bottom-line.  Our credit card processing and out automated check-writing process ensure that the Venues are charged precisely for the Event and the Entertainers get paid quickly and efficiently.

Our Connection to VABEACH.COM

VABEACH.COM plays an important role in helping to provide exposure to not only many of the Venues and Entertainers, but also to the various Events and Gigs that are happening throughout the region.  GETBOOKED757 has partnered with VABEACH.COM to help promote and share the great things that are happening in this region.